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It doesn't necessarily take a store to sell products. There are dozens of ways to effectively market merchandise and make profits without being tied down to a long lease. You can make money selling our products in one town or travel the whole country.

Here are some of the exciting possibilities.

Follow the Rodeo Circuit
Build a Cowboy Clientele. El Paso Saddleblanket brand saddleblankets are highly regarded among ropers, cutters, bull doggers. You might even get an order for 100 blankets at a time for a special Grand Entry performance or parade.

Work Fairs and Craft Shows
El Paso Saddleblanket leather goods, weavings, wood carvings and pottery are all handcrafted and offer tremendous value for the amount of workmanship. Every state has a variety of these kinds of events going on every weekend all year long.

Call on restaurants that have cowboy, Indian, Mexican or Southwest themes. They're always needing extra decorations. El Paso Saddleblanket has hundreds of unique items perfect for the decoration of public places, offices, trendy bars, and much more.

Home Improvement Shows offer another great opportunity to make money on El Paso Saddleblanket products. What better place to catch people thinking about how to spruce up their living space with colorful accents such as throw rugs, bedspreads, wall hangings and pottery?

A Vacant Gas Station or a Good Open Corner Lot can serve as an excellent temporary location to attract attention and get your business off to a good start with zero advertising cost. Colorful blankets hung on clotheslines and unique outdoor displays will get noticed. Be sure to have business cards made up with your phone number so customers can find you even if you change locations. This "gypsy trader" approach has been very successful for all kinds of independent dealers from students to the semi-retired.

Knife, Gun and Antique Shows are also great locations to showcase the more masculine items of El Paso Saddleblanket's product line. Mounted longhorns, steer hides, bully bags, and horn furniture are real show stoppers. Everyone will want to see.


Q. I don't have a business yet, but interested in how I can get started selling El Paso Saddleblanket Products, so where do I begin ?
A. No Problem, you probably want to start by getting a Sales Tax License from your State. It's easy to get and should not cost anything. This will enable you to buy all kinds of merchandise at wholesale cost and AVOID paying any sales tax. You will need "proof of business" because we DO NOT sell to individuals for personal use.

Q. Do I need to have a store in order to purchase at wholesale price?
A. As long as you are buying our products to RESALE, it's O.K. Many of our customers sell at events such as Craft Shows, Gun Shows, Rodeos, Fairs, Flea Markets, Pow Wows, Internet Sales, Roadside Sales, "in home" Party Sales, Trunk Shows at Local Stores and Galleries. In fact, some of our largest and most successful customers do not have storefronts.

Q. What is the best way to buy your Products?
A. Several Ways, if possible we suggest you plan to visit our HUGE block long, two story Wholesale Warehouse in El Paso where you can pick exactly what you want. If this is not possible, it is probably easier to call us toll free (call us at 1 800 351- 7847 or 915 544-1000) and order from our Free "printed" Wholesale Catalog than ordering online because you can ask questions and get suggestions from our sales people. If you want to order online, that's Cool, we're user friendly and it's soooo Easy to do.

Q. How will I know what to order the first time??
A. Remember one thing. ALL EPSB products have a 30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (or exchange ), so you can get a CASH refund or exchange anything you don't like. What to order depends somewhat on where, how and who you plan to sell to. Most everything we have is proven sellers, but for instance let's say Saddles would probably sell better in Horse or Ranch Country better than in downtown New York City.

If you sell at a flea market you might want to handle some less expensive items than you would if you had a Gallery in a more upscale Location. Just use some common sense and you'll figure it out easily. Many items such as stencil placemats sell about everywhere. Usually if you will just consider yourself average and buy what you like, you will do O.K.

The most difficult part is making the decision you're going to do it. After the first time it will be easy (trust me) Learn to "listen" to your business and it will "talk" to you.

Q. If we are not sure exactly what to order, will someone at El Paso Saddleblanket be able to help us?
A. Sure, we do it every day. If you can just give us an ideal of what you want, we'll be glad to make up a sample order for you (call us at 1 800 351- 7847 or 915 544-1000 ). Just tell us how much you have in mind and we can help you get a GREAT SELECTION !! Remember, the more you can buy, the better price and selection you will have. Don't forget about the Money Back Guarantee

Q. How do I know that El Paso Saddleblanket has the best prices?
A. First of all, most of our products can not be bought cheaper elsewhere because frankly, there not available elsewhere. We have our own looms weaving our own yarn into our own exclusive designs. Other than serapes and very few things, we do not handle "ethnic" or other Tourist Market Products. We Are NOT middleman importers. We have been in business 32 years and always have the best prices and quality possible. If some product or design is not selling well, we simply discontinue it.

Q. If I am not ready to purchase now, is it possible just to call you all and ask some questions?
A. Sure, Anytime !!

Q. Is there any information available telling us how to open up our own store or business?
A. Your in Luck !! Go to our Website. and you can link on to our free Online EBOOK, "How to Open your Own Southwest Trading Post Anywhere" by Dusty & Bonnie Henson. It's Free and hopefully you will learn a lot about how to sell our products.

Q. What about selling on Ebay or selling EPSB products on our own Website?
A. Judging from the size of their orders, our online vendor customers are doing VERY WELL . This is our fastest growing customer base. We do not inflate our wholesale prices to accommodate drop shipping.

These starter package introduces you to classic designs and products sold by El Paso Saddleblanket for over 3 decades. Proven sellers highest quality colorful southwest and Indian style designs. We carefully handpicked these assortments for start up operators.

You'll receive a colorful assortment of best selling Saddleblankets and Western products. Great for any new business and old, whether you are opening a Western store, selling at Flea markets, Craft Shows, Pow Wows, Rodeos, Fairs, and other events. <BR><BR>You can make big profits from small spaces! These starter packages are perfect for small gift shops and exhibit tables at craft shows or events.

No decisions to make. We've chosen a wide sampling of our best designs. Colorful - Easy to display - Fast sellers. Something for everyone.

Act Today!! Get your sales plan in Action!
List of Starter Packages Currently Available

Not sure which package is best for you? Our experienced sales staff will assist you in developing an initial order that will meet your needs. Please call us at 1-800-351-7847 or e-mail us if we can assist you in any way.

These items are not Indian produced, an Indian product or the product of a particular Indian, Indian Tribe or Indian Arts and Crafts Orginazation as defined by 25 USC, 305 et seq.
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